Photos from Flensburg

I posted some pics from the town on Flickr. Check em out.


The Search Begins

So I have been doing some preliminary research into digital SLR cameras. I won’t spend more than $1000 and would prefer the memory type to be SD since I already have a 2 GB high speed card to work with.

I’m heavily favoring the Nikon D40 right now due to its cost/performance ratio, and SD format compatibility. I haven’t picked one up yet so I will reserve final judgment until it passes the feel test, but lets just say this thing is going to have share traits with a cactus to be a deal breaker.

The only magic left to work out is what lenses to get with it. The kit lens got pretty solid reviews and its low price makes it quite the bargain. There is a deal at Kerrisdale Cameras where you can get the D40, the kit 18-55mm lens with the companion 55-200mm lens for under $1000 which is exactly the amount at which the wife exception is raised.

For those of you who don’t know, the wife exception is a computer term referring to the time when the wife interrupt bit is raised from low to high signaling to the male processor that he is in deep trouble if the transaction goes through. Ignoring the wife exception can lead to critical faults in system operation and even component damage.

In anticipation for my new toy, I’ve been rapidly uploading my older work onto my Flickr page. I was sad to see general accounts are limited to only three sets, but oh well. I’m cheap. If you want to look them up in some form of order just use the tags.

Anyhoo, I’m out for now.