Ok, it’s 11:43pm on a Friday. A few free seconds to post on here!

Yes, we are back home and in our apartment still. Tomorrow is paint day. We have some wonderful people who have volunteered to help out and hopefully we can put a big dent into our workload and get all of the living room, dining room, stairs, hallway and master bedroom done tomorrow. (Crosses fingers) We finally decided on colors Thursday night after trying out 7 different samples(!!!!) and we are pretty happy with the choices.

I took a bunch of “before” pictures yesterday and will post up them along with the “after” pictures when I get on here again.

Needless to say we’ve been spending every spare second at the new place to get it ready for painting. Once we get this part all sorted out we have to start packing up for the move which will be on June 23rd. We hired movers because we are lazy and don’t want to break our backs again like the last two times.

Alright, time for sleep.