Congrats Dave & Jamie

The summer of love is officially at an end. Wedding number 5 (of 9 possible that we could have gone to!) was my bud Dave Robinson marrying my girlfriend’s sister, Jamie Hacker. It was a very nice service with only a few snafus…

The reception was alot of fun after we relaxed a little. The opening was a little frantic but once the food was on the table the party was underway. The caterers were friends of Jamie and they dropped the roast beef from the menu in favor of prime rib. No argument from me. I repeatedly commented that the rib was simply, “Magical.” It had a tender etheral substance too it… like it was prepared by elves from the mythical forrestland found beyond the wardrobe in an old British mansion.

But the highlight was the look on the couples face. Dave looked sharp and Jamie was stunning. Way to go you two. Best wishes in your life together!


The Brains Behind Bush

Click here to watch a quicktime movie that seems to shed some light on the brains behind the Bush Administration. Brilliant.


So I threw a mini-stag last night for Dave last night for some locals at my tiny living/bed-room entertainment center. We watched a few Season 4 episodes of Family Guy, 2 episodes of Robot Chicken (hilarious, mad-cap sketch animation show), 1 episode of Da Ali G Show, and topped it off with a leaked copy of the Stewie Griffin Story / Family Guy movie.

It was nice for me since people brought all the necessary goods to make the event fun. Lots of beer, some vodka, orange juice (for the vodka), tostitos, salsa, organic chips, more beer, organic pop, non-organic pop… but then the oddity. I know some people like it, but cheesecake at a stag party? WTF! For the record, none of the peeps there swing their bats “differently” than the others and the description “straight as an arrow” could be applied (at different levels of intensity) to each person there. Yet at the end of the night, 1.5 cheesecakes had been consumed. I was shocked and appalled.

I stayed in the chip region and consumed about half a bag of “two-bite” brownies which I affectionately call “one-bite” brownies. Needless to say, I had a mighty nasty stomach this morning, but it was worth it.

Good luck on Saturday Dave.

Congrats Mike & Asha

I had the pleasure of witnessing the marriage of Mike and Asha this evening. As you can probably tell from this picture, they are more than happy and the event was a blessing on all who attended.

I was fortunate enough to be asked to help play a song Mike wrote for Asha titled “My Desire” which is what the name Asha means. Somewhat out of place, Dave, Mike and I rocked the joint and belted out one of the best songs the three of us have worked on together.

Blessings on you two kids. The cute factor is off the scale.