Sometimes it’s best to NOT explain things…

Click here to learn about leetspeak and save your kids from certain death! I’m still laughing this one off. Damn. Wish I had this back in 2nd year…


Pictures from the set of Firewall

So here I am on the set of Firewall throwing up the horns. This was one of the coolest/most exhausting experiences of my life. Getting to rock out for 450+ extras who are being PAID to cheer us on is something I can’t really describe.

Apparently CityTV did a story on the shoot last night at 6pm. I will be getting a VHS copy of it transfered to digital so if you would like to see it let me know. The story has a few interviews with people from the church (Kevin, Chelsea) and others I think. Most importantly, yours truly got some face time on TV with a close up and some severe rockin’ out clips. Woot.

Below are some other pictures taken from the set. One is of our all round nice guy/custodian Hank with his secret crush Mary Lynn (Chloe from 24). The other pic is of Karen and Julie posing with Matt who plays Bobby in the movie. Matt played bass in the scene with us and often got me and Rick in trouble by spurring us to do impromptu jam sessions while the lighting guys were working. He also spent the day trying to make up names for our fake band, some of which included…

  • Jesus and the Jumping 12
  • The Tragically Jesus
  • Van Jesus
  • Jesus of the Stone Age
  • The Gospel Freaks

Hank with secret girlfriend Mary Lynn (Chloe from 24)

Karen and Julie pose with Matt (da bass player)

Done being a movie star…

So I just got home from shooting FIREWALL, the new Harrison Ford movie that comes out sometime this fall. We were rocking up the sanctuary at my church with some loud boistrous rock and roll with over 400 extras cheering us on. It was alot of fun and draining at the same time. My legs feel like they are going to fall off.

I will post a picture from the set as soon as I get a copy from Julie who was quite camera happy today. She snapped a picture of Hank (our janitor/boxer) with Mary Ann R(something or other) who plays Chloe on 24. Too cute. No real star power beyond that today, but I shook hands and chatted with the directors and a good number of the lighting guys. It is insane how much work is done outside of shooting time that is pivotal to the creation of a movie. A good 30/45 minutes were spent setting up the camera and the lighting for each 30 second shot.

Anyhoo, I’m gearing up for the big 2 hour finale of 24 tonight (GO CHLOE!). I shall write more on this if I remember more.


It’s Good, Not Great, But Good

There, that’s better. An opposition party is always nice to have. Do I like the NDP? Not really. Do I prefer the Liberals? Nope. Am I a cynical bastard? Yes.

I’m not a fan of party politics mainly because of their single-minded ideologies. How can we find middle ground and moderate solutions if people won’t budge from the party line? The NDP loves unions, public ownership and despises big business. The Liberals love corporations and would like nothing less than the complete destruction of unions. Is either ideology a good idea? Of course not. Extreme positions rarely hold a sustainable solution as there is nothing to keep them in check with reality.

What do I suggest? Nothing. I’m not that clever. But I will say that this election outcome is good as it doesn’t give one ideology free reign on the province. The Liberals will have to deal with Question Period with actual tact now. With an estimated 46 seats for the Liberals and 33 for the NDP, this will be much more “fair and balanced” than the previous government.

As far as specifics go, Delta-South went as I feared. Splitting 56.94% of the vote between Dileep Athaide (NDP) and Vicki Huntington (Ind.), Val Roddick was re-elected with only 37.65%. Vicki lost the seat by only 100 votes! To all who said, “My vote doesn’t count” and stayed home SHAME ON YOU! That’s the most idiotic protest argument I’ve ever heard. “Government doesn’t represent me so I won’t vote for it.” Sigh.

Val, the Province said under your picture that you were “instrumental in saving Delta Hospital’s ER.” I haven’t heard the specifics, but YOU were on the committe that suggested it be closed so you better change your tune and fix what you started. Four years pass very quickly. Next time, you may not be so lucky.

Just when you thought you’ve seen everything

Belinda Stronach has crossed the floor, leaving the federal Conservative party to join the sinking ship known as the Liberal party. Paul Martin must be happy, he now has 151 votes against the 152 of the Conservative/Bloc alliance. With 3 independants serving currently, this could be the most entertaining budget vote ever. Oddly, look who one of those indies is… none other than Martin’s Golden Girl Carolyn Parish! Ooooh, the irony. Martin’s frail government now depends on the ousted, Bush-doll stomping MP. Neat.

But it is probably not going to matter. Chuck Cadman is another indie from Surrey who will most likely vote for the Conservatives unless he is convinced otherwise. He has stated that he hasn’t decided yet and the fact that a No vote from him could result in another election could persuade him to go Yes. If he does vote Yes and the third indie votes No, the tie-breaking vote will come from the Liberal MP Peter Millikin who is the Speaker of the House. Neat.

Gotta love Canadian politics.

Matthew Good Update

First off, check out this picture book Matt put together for his website. Very well done. Wonder how long it is until Lego sues him.

Also, I just heard that Matt will return to a studio in Vancouver to record a variety of acoustic versions of his songs for an upcoming fall release: In A Coma – Matthew Good 1995-2005. Finally, we will get a professional quality acoustic mix of Apparitions on cd. Woot. My question, when do we get the next album of new material? I want to hear how Ryan and Meegee sound on tape!

With Teeth is Number 1

The new Nine Inch Nails album “With Teeth” debuted last week at Number 1 on the Billboard Top 100 Albums. This should quickly put to rest the critics who claim that Trent lost his fans by releasing the lengthy album “The Fragile” and then going into hiding for 6 years.

I saw the reviewer on state that NIN is a one trick pony, but that it is a really great trick. There is some truth to that statement, but at the heart it cheapens the work Trent does on his music. Have you ever heard a song by NIN that sounded so similar to another track that you would get them confused? (ie: Nickelback / Linken Park…) When you are dealing with heavy industrial music, this should not be overlooked. As one of the few remaining creative and totally original songwriters in modern music, Trent has a record of taking risks and releasing music that is honest, open and intimate. So much so, that fans that dig into his words are often rewarded for their efforts. These are the fans that made this album debut at number 1.

If you have never listened to NIN before or have been put off by their previous releases due to the dark brooding sound they have, then check out this new disc. It is much more accessible and lighter than the others and has some of Trent’s best work in decades.