Year Zero tracks leak

So I now have heard three of the 16 new tracks to be released in April on the new NIN album, Year Zero. You can check out two of them, Survivalism, and My Violent Heart at NIN’s MySpace page.

My Violent Heart feels like a revamped version of Burn with a slower pace but a similar quiet/loud song structure. The distorted chorus is intense, but I would prefer to have a bigger showing of guitars and live drums than just synth bleeps and bloops.

Survivalism is a great track with odd phrasing in the verses and a driving chorus. I don’t know if it has strong replayability, but I found that I couldn’t get it out of my head all week so it’s probably a good choice for a lead single.

Me, I’m Not is something of an oddity. It’s as if Trent spent the day with Massive Attack and then went straight to the studio. It feels similar to Even Deeper from the Fragile to give you a reference. I think some people will have trouble with the chorus but it is much easier to take than the title track of With Teeth (which I did like regardless). There’s a sound that plays at about 4:28 for 2 seconds that reminds me of going to the dentist. Shudder… Creeps me out every time!

In general, I think this is a good start and feels about the same as the leaks from With Teeth in terms of diversity. I’m just hoping that there will be some freaking wicked tracks left to surprise me on the album like “All the Love in the World” did on my first listen to With Teeth.


Valentine’s Day

Our romantic home cooked mealIt’s a few days late, but here is a picture of our romantic dinner for two! Bon appetit!

New Music to Check Out

Hey all,

So my iPod has been busy lately spinning out some new tracks that deserve more attention than they have received.

TV On The Radio: Return to Cookie Mountain
TV on the Radio is probably one of the most unique sounding artists I’ve listened to in the last few years. 10 seconds into “I was a lover” I knew this was something special… and completely fresh. “Wolf like Me” is easily in my top ten song list right now. Stellar.
Bloc Party: A Weekend in the City
Bloc Party burst onto the scene with their previous release, Silent Alarm. I would say that they had a few tracks on it that blew my mind, then a bunch that were OK. This time out, they put on their game faces and deliver the album they wanted to make the first time. Start to finish, this album is phenomenal. Check out “The Prayer” and “Uniform” for proof.

Klaxons: Myths of the Near Future
Spin mentioned that these guys were “rave-punk” but I fail to see that. I would just call this awesome. If you need something to get your blood pumping in the morning throw this in your player and see if you still have a pulse. I haven’t had the pleasure of being so hooked to a new band so completely in a long time. Very impressive. Can’t wait to get more. Listen to “Golden Skans” and “Two Receivers” for a good taste.

I’ll post more when I get a chance. Try and check these out if you can. Very worth the time.

Valentine’s Day

This is the day that Hallmark made!
Let us rejoice and be glad in it!

Or not…

Apparently, today flowers cost three times more than they did yesterday or will tomorrow. I blame the terrorists.

I found some silly video game themed Valentine’s cards. Check ’em out here:


These were posted at VG Cats so they may rank as mature content to some folks… (especially the Kirby one…)

Anyhoo, have a great Valentine’s day!


I just found these Street Fighter 2 Valentine’s Day cards posted on Dethroner. These are real! Shockingly awful.

Update 2:

Check out these Star Wars themed valentines!

The Search Begins

So I have been doing some preliminary research into digital SLR cameras. I won’t spend more than $1000 and would prefer the memory type to be SD since I already have a 2 GB high speed card to work with.

I’m heavily favoring the Nikon D40 right now due to its cost/performance ratio, and SD format compatibility. I haven’t picked one up yet so I will reserve final judgment until it passes the feel test, but lets just say this thing is going to have share traits with a cactus to be a deal breaker.

The only magic left to work out is what lenses to get with it. The kit lens got pretty solid reviews and its low price makes it quite the bargain. There is a deal at Kerrisdale Cameras where you can get the D40, the kit 18-55mm lens with the companion 55-200mm lens for under $1000 which is exactly the amount at which the wife exception is raised.

For those of you who don’t know, the wife exception is a computer term referring to the time when the wife interrupt bit is raised from low to high signaling to the male processor that he is in deep trouble if the transaction goes through. Ignoring the wife exception can lead to critical faults in system operation and even component damage.

In anticipation for my new toy, I’ve been rapidly uploading my older work onto my Flickr page. I was sad to see general accounts are limited to only three sets, but oh well. I’m cheap. If you want to look them up in some form of order just use the tags.

Anyhoo, I’m out for now.


A Return to Form

Josée and I on our wedding dayIt has been much too long since my last post, and hopefully I won’t begin any more posts like this for a while.

I figured that it has been so long that it was time for a change. The site has been relocated to WordPress for no other reason than boredom with Blogger. I suppose the idea of new themes to use was another incentive though. The one you are currently looking at was the best all-round showing but I think if you have the time and the patience, playing with the CSS on Blogger might give better results. Personally, I wanted clarity first and fancy stuff second.

The name of the site (Year Zero) is actually stolen from the forthcoming Nine Inch Nails record to be released on April 17th. I felt it was fitting since I was basically rebooting my website to start over. Well, that was the original intent. I found that WordPress was able to port over all my entries and comments from Blogspot without any effort so I figured a port was suitable.

Anyways, I’ve got a lot to update here so I’m going to get right to it.

  • I got married (to an accountant!)
  • I moved into a new apartment (with a view!)
  • I finished my degree (Computer Engineering!)
  • I got a job at Intrinsyc Software (where I coop-ed!)

There, that was easy!

So I’m honestly interested again in keeping this thing up to date with little burst entries. There will most likely be less political and more of a media/movies/tv focus. I will also detail my foray into digital photography as I plan to buy a digital SLR camera soon.

This camera is not without a reason of course. Jo and I are planning to fly to London in late April and then spend a week there and also one week in Paris. We are then going to fly home via Toronto so we can spend a week with her family and also meet up with Craig and Naomi for a weekend.

Such a vacation cannot, in my opinion, be properly preserved without the best media collection technology. I was almost ready to pull the trigger on an Sony HDR-HC5 when I realized that I would probably not be able to use it enough to make the investment worthwhile… at least until we start making babies. (And no, that will not be this year if I have anything to say about it!)

Instead, a digital SLR will be much more useful as I intend to make it into a full-on hobby outside of work. I needed something to do and a forum to showcase it so a camera and a revamped blog with Flickr integration seemed like a good choice.

So there. A post. Enjoy.

Feel free to leave some comments and let me know what you think of the new layout. It may get “tweaked” a few times as I work out the kinks. If you want to be added to the blogroll, just forward me your URL and I’ll see what I can do.