Ricky Gervais in Africa

I just watched this clip for Comic Relief 07 with Ricky Gervais and it was so brilliant that it needed to get posted.

Click here to view.

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Trapper’s Delight

This was too good to not post. Love the bit on Toronto. Sadly, we are going to have to see our boys keep a lead for a change if we are going to have a real playoff run.

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A Big Step for Worth-kind

So Jo and I finally found a place in Richmond and have an accepted offer pending removal of subjects. It’s a 1380 sq ft townhouse in a well laid-out complex at Railway and Francis in Richmond. There are 3 bedrooms (master, office, and media room / baby expansion???) with a cute little yard that is fenced off. I have posted some pictures as well since they will reduce the number of words required to describe it! 😉

The place is in good condition with some updates done in the bathrooms and walk-in closet. The kitchen will most likely be our first target of upgrades with some new paint and maybe cupboards… but until the ink is dry on the contract I’ll try to not get ahead of myself too much!


On the Mend

It’s been a rough week for me. I was watching the Oscars at my mother-in-law’s place on Sunday and I started to feel cold. This slowly degraded into full on goosebumps and cold chills. As we drove home, I started to also add nausea to the list of symptoms. I decided to stay home Monday to ride it out but the symptoms only got worse. Tuesday exposed the full brunt of the disease and also marked the day when Jo herself came down with it as well.

To make a long story short, I’ve spent the whole week cooped up in my apartment unable to do much of anything. I couldn’t even go out for dinner on my birthday, run across the street to buy the new NIN DVD on release day, or eat Indian take-out that Jo brought home. Also, sitting at the computer is possible only in short stints (hence the lack of posting this week).

My proposed party to celebrate my birthday with some good friends was also pushed back a week as I’m still in no shape to go out, let alone drink a beer or see a movie.

Anyways, I am feeling a little better today thanks to a late night discovery that may have been impeding my recovery. I awoke at 3 am sweating like crazy; something that has happened often since I got sick. But unlike the other times when I just tried to go back to sleep, this time I got up, dried off, changed my clothes and got a nice fresh warm blanket. I fell back to sleep without any trouble and woke up for the first time this week without shivering. I believe that I had sweat like that a lot during the week, but never fully woke up. As the room chilled thanks to the zero degree weather (and our rather heat-lossy apartment) the sheets became like ice and my body temperature would go down.

Anyways, I’m feeling partially better today, but I am glad I’ve already dropped all of my scheduled appointments for the weekend to focus on getting better and getting back to work. There are only so many things you can do at home to entertain yourself before you start falling into the deep abyss of boredom.