This Week in Mike

So I managed to “find” a copy of the new NIN album and I have to say, I’m completely blown away. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it and I think I’ve gone through the whole album about 8 times already.

Although it is way to early to be making this call, I feel that this album is waaaaay more interesting than With Teeth. The lyrics of each song tell the story of the future (circa 2022?) when the society we know today begins to finally collapse upon itself. On top of that, the music ranges from being stripped down and simple to complex layers of noise tempered into music. The song Vessel evokes the same smile from me as listening to the last minute of Closer. Capital G evokes Manson’s Dope Show and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear it on the radio as a 3rd single. The Good Soldier is quickly becoming one of my favorite NIN tracks with it’s smooth laid back beat and wicked instrumentation. NIN + xylophone = ?… I’m liking where this is going!

Anyways, this Friday Jo and I take possession of our new place. We can’t wait to get in and plan where everything is going to go and get started on some simple painting. We aren’t going to move in until we get back from Europe which is coming up quick. We leave on April 28th and spend 2 weeks in London and Paris followed by a week in Toronto to see Jo’s brother’s family and my buddy Craig and his wife Naomi.

Work has been more of the same lately. We are just finishing up bugs at this point on the phone and everything *knock on wood* seems to be working well. There are some new projects coming down the pipe now and it will be nice to move onto something new.

Anyways, gotta wake up now.


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