A Big Step for Worth-kind

So Jo and I finally found a place in Richmond and have an accepted offer pending removal of subjects. It’s a 1380 sq ft townhouse in a well laid-out complex at Railway and Francis in Richmond. There are 3 bedrooms (master, office, and media room / baby expansion???) with a cute little yard that is fenced off. I have posted some pictures as well since they will reduce the number of words required to describe it! 😉

The place is in good condition with some updates done in the bathrooms and walk-in closet. The kitchen will most likely be our first target of upgrades with some new paint and maybe cupboards… but until the ink is dry on the contract I’ll try to not get ahead of myself too much!



5 Responses to “A Big Step for Worth-kind”

  1. Rob Says:

    Nice find man!! I have to say, my next move as well is going to be out of the condos and into a townhouse. I dig the yard.. perfect barbecue size for a dozen friends. Now you just need to squeeze a bigscreen in there somewhere.

    Congrats!! Hope the deal goes through for you! I hereby officially offer to help with that kitchen reno too. I’ve got an itch to swing a hammer (carefully) these days.

  2. Aunt Penny Says:

    Way to go you guys. The place looks super. Nothing like having your own place. Let us know when the house warming party is!!

  3. Ty Says:

    Way to go you two!

    Charity and I are incredibly jealous…but totally thrilled that you’ve found such a great place. If you burst any pipes, just give my bro a call…he’ll hook you up with as much copper pipe to sell, um…err…I mean he’ll do a great job for you!

    Maybe sometime soon the 4 of us can celebrate!!!

    -Tyler & Charity

  4. Vince Says:

    Looks like a nice place.
    Way to go. 😀

  5. Kevin Says:

    Alright! The house looks good too. Hopefully you guys didn’t have too much of a hassle trying to find the place, and getting the subjects removed and other … nuances (understatement if I ever knew one)… of house-hunting. I’m eager to know when the housewarming is too!

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