Year Zero tracks leak

So I now have heard three of the 16 new tracks to be released in April on the new NIN album, Year Zero. You can check out two of them, Survivalism, and My Violent Heart at NIN’s MySpace page.

My Violent Heart feels like a revamped version of Burn with a slower pace but a similar quiet/loud song structure. The distorted chorus is intense, but I would prefer to have a bigger showing of guitars and live drums than just synth bleeps and bloops.

Survivalism is a great track with odd phrasing in the verses and a driving chorus. I don’t know if it has strong replayability, but I found that I couldn’t get it out of my head all week so it’s probably a good choice for a lead single.

Me, I’m Not is something of an oddity. It’s as if Trent spent the day with Massive Attack and then went straight to the studio. It feels similar to Even Deeper from the Fragile to give you a reference. I think some people will have trouble with the chorus but it is much easier to take than the title track of With Teeth (which I did like regardless). There’s a sound that plays at about 4:28 for 2 seconds that reminds me of going to the dentist. Shudder… Creeps me out every time!

In general, I think this is a good start and feels about the same as the leaks from With Teeth in terms of diversity. I’m just hoping that there will be some freaking wicked tracks left to surprise me on the album like “All the Love in the World” did on my first listen to With Teeth.


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