An Overdue Update

Due to the craziness of school and my studying for exams, I had planned to put this off for yet another week… but I have realized that this isn’t truly fair to those of you who I don’t see very often. As such, here is the latest news in the world of Mike.

I got engaged.

Yes, that’s right. Mr. Professional Single got himself a woman. On top of that, she even said yes. Stunning.

I’ve had many requests as to how this all went down, but I’m growing tired of explaining so here is all I’m going to give out.

Josee and I went out for dinner at Chambar down on Beatty Street and had an amazing dinner with some superb wine and excellent service. Following a mind-blowing desert feast, we travelled over to Jericho beach which was so fogged in that we couldn’t see our car from the park… and also couldn’t see the water at all! We walked through the eerie fog until we heard the water lapping up onto the beach. With fog all around and the sound of the waves crashing, I pulled out my iPod and we danced on the beach to Sarah McLachlan’s Dirty Little Secret. When it ended, Death Cab for Cutie’s Brothers in Different Beds came on, which is one of our favorite songs. During the intro, I proposed, and we hugged and danced through the song.

There you go! The rest of the evening (and days to follow) were spent going from family member to family member telling them the good news.

The date is currently set for August 26th, 2006. Oh, what fun planning a wedding is!

Well, not exactly. I still have a beef with the fact that every single shade of green has a specific name chosen by Martha Stewart. Sigh.


5 Responses to “An Overdue Update”

  1. Ty Says:


    Thanks for sharing the story finally! That restaurant looks amazing man. What did you 2 eat? Charity and I are really looking forward to having you and Jo over for dinner on the 19th. (but I can’t promise the menu will sound as good as “Chambar.”)

    On a man-to-man note…welcome to the world of wedding planning! Answer “yes dear” to everything, and remember that there will always be at least 80 different shades of green with lame-o names chosen by Martha. This is simply how the world is. Sad… but true.

    Congrats again,


  2. Pie Man Says:

    Awwww… that’s way too sweet. Not to disparage, but readcing that was diabetic. Go Mike!

    Anyhoo.. checking out that restaurant.. wow.. they have good beer (I’m a Belgian fan, myself). *notes this place down on Kevin’s Potential Restaurants to Go To*

  3. Dave Rattigan Says:


  4. Jay Says:

    dont disrespect martha! hehe.

    huzzah for weddings!

  5. Max Says:

    Oh Mike…

    How low you have fallen…

    First a life, then an actual 3D living girlfriend and now marriage?

    The League of Single-forever Engineers says SHAME ON YOU!!! :O)

    But seriously, CONGRATULATIONS mano’.

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