Congrats Dave & Jamie

The summer of love is officially at an end. Wedding number 5 (of 9 possible that we could have gone to!) was my bud Dave Robinson marrying my girlfriend’s sister, Jamie Hacker. It was a very nice service with only a few snafus…

The reception was alot of fun after we relaxed a little. The opening was a little frantic but once the food was on the table the party was underway. The caterers were friends of Jamie and they dropped the roast beef from the menu in favor of prime rib. No argument from me. I repeatedly commented that the rib was simply, “Magical.” It had a tender etheral substance too it… like it was prepared by elves from the mythical forrestland found beyond the wardrobe in an old British mansion.

But the highlight was the look on the couples face. Dave looked sharp and Jamie was stunning. Way to go you two. Best wishes in your life together!


One Response to “Congrats Dave & Jamie”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Agreed. The rib was simply too awesome. I think I over-ate.

    But… the real comment goes to Dave and Jmaie! Congratulations to Dave and Jamie (while thanking the PTB that this is the only wedding that I have to go to) on getting officially married, despite being referred to as the “married couple” by a number of people prior to the wedding. Glad you guys are finally together, and hope you have a good life as a couple!

    BTW: I don’t think there were elves in Narnia. You’re getting Lewis and Tolkien mixed up (sure, they were buddies).

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