So I threw a mini-stag last night for Dave last night for some locals at my tiny living/bed-room entertainment center. We watched a few Season 4 episodes of Family Guy, 2 episodes of Robot Chicken (hilarious, mad-cap sketch animation show), 1 episode of Da Ali G Show, and topped it off with a leaked copy of the Stewie Griffin Story / Family Guy movie.

It was nice for me since people brought all the necessary goods to make the event fun. Lots of beer, some vodka, orange juice (for the vodka), tostitos, salsa, organic chips, more beer, organic pop, non-organic pop… but then the oddity. I know some people like it, but cheesecake at a stag party? WTF! For the record, none of the peeps there swing their bats “differently” than the others and the description “straight as an arrow” could be applied (at different levels of intensity) to each person there. Yet at the end of the night, 1.5 cheesecakes had been consumed. I was shocked and appalled.

I stayed in the chip region and consumed about half a bag of “two-bite” brownies which I affectionately call “one-bite” brownies. Needless to say, I had a mighty nasty stomach this morning, but it was worth it.

Good luck on Saturday Dave.


One Response to “Quasi-Stag”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Yay for the mini-stag! So.. umm… I guess cheesecake is food, and food is food, so.. it’s kosher, eh? I’ve never heard of cheesecakes in stag parties before, myself.

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