China and Russia Give Finger to US

In a not so surprising move, China and Russia have given a veiled threat to the United States which, roughly translated, states that the US should f*** off and die. When the only two other countries in the world that have been or are referred to as “super-powers” start doing joint military maneuvers it might be time to re-evaluate your foreign policy. What drove these unlikely partners together? Russia is kinda miffed with the US meddling with ex-Soviet states and getting involved in the Chechnian affair. China is similarly PO’ed with the States dealing with Taiwan as a sovereign nation (which it technically isn’t by China’s opinion.)

Of course, we know the Bush Administration doesn’t give a rip about what other countries think of its actions. Bush made that clear during the Presidential Debates last year claiming that sometimes you have to do things that people think are unpopular to get the results you want. Well, if your actions cause Russia and China to become good buddies you may want to re-think your strategy.


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