Ferry crashes into Horseshoe Bay marina

Click here to read the story posted on cbc.ca. More proof that the entire BC Ferries fleet needs to be retired has surfaced today as The Queen of Oak Bay sailed past the birth it was aiming for and smashed into a nearby marina at approximately 10:10AM Thursday morning. The picture is horrifying to say the least. It is unknown if the accident has caused any fatalities.

It should be noted that there were many boats caught underneath the boat as it slammed into the marina. It is unknown if anyone was sleeping in them at the time.

It has now been learned that as of 1:45pm there have been no reported injuries resulting from the accident. The 544 people on board the ferry were unable to be unloaded until divers had completed the search. Not that it would be of much consulation, I’m betting that there was some complimentary food offered…

“It’s very clear that something went wrong, probably on the mechanical side, but beyond that I can not speculate,” David Hahn, President of BC Ferries, told a news conference on Thursday afternoon. Well, duh. Passengers have said that if they hadn’t been told they were going to crash they would have assumed it was a normal docking procedure. The impact felt by passengers was nothing more than the regular bumps of contacting the birth walls.


4 Responses to “Ferry crashes into Horseshoe Bay marina”

  1. Dave Rattiganhttp://www.gracepages.blogspot.com Says:

    Eek. I know the place well, as I used to live on Bowen and take the ferry several times a week. Looks like a pretty close shave.

  2. CD Says:

    I hate the ferries; build a goddamn bridge.

  3. Pie Man Says:

    a bridge? so.. what about the multitudes of islands? Sucks to be them, eh?

    And if a bridge is gonna be built, it’s gonna be one or two bloody huge bridge(s). BC Liberals aren’t going to do stuff like that (I think). Ferries do need a major reworking. Old ships just aren’t good (a problem that’s plagued the Canadian Navy as well. WHY MUST WE BUY SECOND-HAND CRAP WITH A DISPENSATION TO BURST INTO FLAMES???

  4. Anonymous Says:

    A bridge? Not likely. It would be nearly infeasible to build to Vancouver Island. *shrug*
    Too bad. :\


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