Bruce Campbell vs. Mike Worth

One day even YOU might be this elite. Bruce was downtown at Chapters on Robson street last Sunday signing his new book, “Make Love! The Bruce Campbell Way.” While I haven’t gotten around to actually reading the book yet, the question period with Bruce reaffirmed that the man has not lost an ounce of his wit that made films like Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness such cult icons.

Here are some outtakes from that session… (Thanks to Les for typing them out!)

Bruce: According to you maybe, I’m just passing through.

Question: Book Three?? Is there a third book in the making???
Bruce: Well it depends on how well Book 2 does. Great decisions have a lot to do with economic reality.

Question: Is Jack Of All Trades coming out on DVD?
Bruce: Why bother? Nobody watched it in the first place!!

Question: What’s your favorite movie of all time and what’s your favorite movie you have been in?
Bruce: My favorite movie is Maniac Cop!! No its actually Bridge on the River Kwai because it has my favorite actor William Holden, who could kick Ben Affleck’s ass any day of the week.

Question: Are you going out with Katie Holmes??
Bruce: No she is a girl, I prefer women.

Question: Was it fun being in Army Of Darkness??
Bruce: No it was not fun at all. Because today you are getting the stretchy face, today you are getting the two headed rig, today we are going to spin your ass upside down, today you are evil ash, 3 hours of make up!!!

Question: Say the boomstick line
Bruce: I would if I was your little monkey!

Question: Bruce when does The Woods come out??
Bruce: Well it got delayed for a year?? Do you think that’s good?? They called me up a year later to do three extra days of shooting. Then they said actually we don’t need you. (sarcasm) I’m sure it will be an excellent movie (/sarcasm). It will be out this fall some time!

Question: What’s your next role in Spider-man??
Bruce: If I get a role in the next Spider-man, I’m holding out! For a smaller role. Lets review real quick, in the first Spider-man I gave the character his name, in the second Spider-man I’m the only character who defeated him, and in part three I will be Spider-man I guess.

Question: When is The Man with the Screaming Brain coming out
Bruce: That film wasn’t released it escaped. I’m touring with that film right now, I think I’m going to bring it to Toronto. (Crowd starts booing) Ugh…I mean… Its coming here very soon!!


One Response to “Bruce Campbell vs. Mike Worth”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Screw you and your uber-leetness.

    Why? WHy must you rub elbows with the superheroes of coolness?

    I think you have an agent or something whispering into the ears of the elite…

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