Apple Admits Inferiority

Well, not really. But it has decided to switch from using it’s IBM PowerPC processors to use Intel x86 based ones starting in June 2006 and completely switch by 2007. Wonderful! So, all you people who parade your Macs around in some sort of pagan ritual claiming how they are sooooo superior to PCs now must realize that all you have is a slick, user-friendly OS that is no safer than Windows. Yes, that’s right. Now being based on the same machine code ISA as Windows PCs, hardware hacks and malicious code need only to adapt to the different subtleties of the OS’ memory management techniques to drive up the need for Apple virus scanners. Neat.

While I might be interested in trying out Tiger on a PC, in reality, I just don’t see the point. Why move away from one propriatary OS to another? Oooooh, slick buttons and nifty toolbars! Joy! Both Microsoft and Apple will then be in direct competition for the ownership of your desktop. This could be a fun thing to watch. Where will Linux end up in all of this?

Personally, I’m still planning to eventually switch over to Linux in the next few months and keep Windows for school where I need to use programs I can’t run in Linux mode. I’ve been using Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunfire for the last 5 months without any problems. I really do think the only troubles I will run into will be finding a good MSN client (Gaim works, but its so lightweight… I miss silly features), and getting my iPod to sync up properly. It will be fun.


4 Responses to “Apple Admits Inferiority”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    No man. Apple will make sure you terrorists won’t be able to install OS X on any PC. It could be BIOS changes, it could be special hardware… I don’t know. Ars Technica has some articles on the switch. Credible source, I might add. Although hardcore peolpe won’t be stopped.

    I thought about it, and I wouldn’t really want to use OS X either for everyday use. No nifty programs, no “hardcore freeware” like ExactAudioCopy (far better than iTunes, albeit slower because of secure mode). For me, switching to OS X would be like switching to a better looking OS with less programs… not exactly what a geek like me wants.

    IBM doesn’t give a crap about this, BTW. Macs don’t make up enough of a share for IBM to lose a lot of money. Playstations (2 & 3) help with that, via Cell. I think the upcoming XBox will also use some IBM tech.

  2. luke Says:

    OSX will still have much better security than windows for the average user. That’s all software security.

    You haven’t installed linux yet? Shit, you were telling me you were going to do that up months ago. Hurry up with it. I have some Ubuntu cds if you want.

  3. Mike Says:

    I realized that installing Linux on my current box would be pretty retarded. First of all, I did alot of google searching for SATA support under Linux and found alot of people saying how much of a headache they had with installing directly to a SATA drive as the primary hard drive. I heard the new kernel supports most SATA cards/mobos in a beta stage now, but since I’m getting a new machine in the next month, I decided to wait.

  4. Pie Man Says:

    Get them boxen!

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