Done being a movie star…

So I just got home from shooting FIREWALL, the new Harrison Ford movie that comes out sometime this fall. We were rocking up the sanctuary at my church with some loud boistrous rock and roll with over 400 extras cheering us on. It was alot of fun and draining at the same time. My legs feel like they are going to fall off.

I will post a picture from the set as soon as I get a copy from Julie who was quite camera happy today. She snapped a picture of Hank (our janitor/boxer) with Mary Ann R(something or other) who plays Chloe on 24. Too cute. No real star power beyond that today, but I shook hands and chatted with the directors and a good number of the lighting guys. It is insane how much work is done outside of shooting time that is pivotal to the creation of a movie. A good 30/45 minutes were spent setting up the camera and the lighting for each 30 second shot.

Anyhoo, I’m gearing up for the big 2 hour finale of 24 tonight (GO CHLOE!). I shall write more on this if I remember more.



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