It’s Good, Not Great, But Good

There, that’s better. An opposition party is always nice to have. Do I like the NDP? Not really. Do I prefer the Liberals? Nope. Am I a cynical bastard? Yes.

I’m not a fan of party politics mainly because of their single-minded ideologies. How can we find middle ground and moderate solutions if people won’t budge from the party line? The NDP loves unions, public ownership and despises big business. The Liberals love corporations and would like nothing less than the complete destruction of unions. Is either ideology a good idea? Of course not. Extreme positions rarely hold a sustainable solution as there is nothing to keep them in check with reality.

What do I suggest? Nothing. I’m not that clever. But I will say that this election outcome is good as it doesn’t give one ideology free reign on the province. The Liberals will have to deal with Question Period with actual tact now. With an estimated 46 seats for the Liberals and 33 for the NDP, this will be much more “fair and balanced” than the previous government.

As far as specifics go, Delta-South went as I feared. Splitting 56.94% of the vote between Dileep Athaide (NDP) and Vicki Huntington (Ind.), Val Roddick was re-elected with only 37.65%. Vicki lost the seat by only 100 votes! To all who said, “My vote doesn’t count” and stayed home SHAME ON YOU! That’s the most idiotic protest argument I’ve ever heard. “Government doesn’t represent me so I won’t vote for it.” Sigh.

Val, the Province said under your picture that you were “instrumental in saving Delta Hospital’s ER.” I haven’t heard the specifics, but YOU were on the committe that suggested it be closed so you better change your tune and fix what you started. Four years pass very quickly. Next time, you may not be so lucky.


2 Responses to “It’s Good, Not Great, But Good”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Ah crap.. I ddin’t vote. Couldn’t bring myself to vote for anyone. I dislike all parties so immensely that voting for anyone would be a crime against my conscience. I’d be wracked with sleepless nights and bouts of self-flagellation.

    This also means I didn’t say anything to the STV thing. I’m still iffy on it.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    But holy crap were there some close results. One was by 1 vote. Another was 13. I suppose it’s good that there’s more of an opposition this time around, 77-2 is kinda ridiculous. Heh.

    But in the end, isn’t it always between a giant douche and a turd sandwich anyway?


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