Just when you thought you’ve seen everything

Belinda Stronach has crossed the floor, leaving the federal Conservative party to join the sinking ship known as the Liberal party. Paul Martin must be happy, he now has 151 votes against the 152 of the Conservative/Bloc alliance. With 3 independants serving currently, this could be the most entertaining budget vote ever. Oddly, look who one of those indies is… none other than Martin’s Golden Girl Carolyn Parish! Ooooh, the irony. Martin’s frail government now depends on the ousted, Bush-doll stomping MP. Neat.

But it is probably not going to matter. Chuck Cadman is another indie from Surrey who will most likely vote for the Conservatives unless he is convinced otherwise. He has stated that he hasn’t decided yet and the fact that a No vote from him could result in another election could persuade him to go Yes. If he does vote Yes and the third indie votes No, the tie-breaking vote will come from the Liberal MP Peter Millikin who is the Speaker of the House. Neat.

Gotta love Canadian politics.


2 Responses to “Just when you thought you’ve seen everything”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    I think the best campaign would be a mud-wrestling match between Stronach and Whatsername from Alberta. Barring that, I think we’re in for one helluva ride for the next few years, on both the provincial and federal levels.

  2. Pie Man Says:

    Also… I think I mentioned that the “ride” will be courtesy of Paul Martin’s spinelessness and Stephen Harper’s dumb antics.

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