Monday, Bloody Monday


So on the bus this morning we drove past the line of crazy sign wavers promoting local candidates for the Provincial Election. Since when did getting a bunch of people to wave signs constitute a political campaign? I found it funny that the NDP candidate managed to get roughly triple the number of sign wavers as Val Roddick did this morning. Man, she looked kinda retarded waving her flag in her long red coat. I felt like waving back in a gesture of “Goodbye! Don’t let the door hit you in the ass!”

I’m not really against the Liberal’s plan to have a more streamlined government and better fiscal management. No, I’m more against how they plan to achieve that goal. Cutting taxes and then saying they can’t afford essential services like health care and schools seems like a prescription for a future without much hope. But on the other hand, there’s the NDP who have not managed to convince me that they will buck their ideology and be rational individuals and vote in the peoples’ best interests and not the interests of their Union-based voter base. Then we have the Greens who still have failed to get their platform clearly across to the voters. Sure they have information out there for people to find, but that’s not good enough. If they ever plan to get elected, they need to get a real grassroots movement behind them in a Howard Dean-esque manner… sans the YEEEEEEEEEARRRRRRG speech in the 11th hour of the campaign.

Thankfully, there is another option in our riding. Vicky Huntington is a rational liberal who is furious about the way the party has dealt with our hospital. Having a person in government who is directly accountable to the voters (since she is not and will not align with a party) is something that I would like to see more of in BC politics. To help this along, please vote yes on the STV. Let’s see if we can change this system to one where we vote IN people rather than vote them OUT.


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