Veronica Mars: Renewed!

E! Online’s Fifth Annual Save One Show Poll Results are in.

Total number of votes: 686,323

15. The Wire (HBO): Less than 1%
14. Kevin Hill (UPN): Less than 1%
13. Medical Investigation (NBC): Less than 1%
12. The West Wing (NBC): Less than 1%
11. Jack & Bobby (WB): 1%
10. North Shore (Fox): 1%
9. Joan of Arcadia (CBS): 2%
8. Point Pleasant (Fox): 2.5%
7. Enterprise (UPN): 3%
6. Tru Calling (Fox): 5%
5. Life as We Know It (ABC): 5.5%
4. Charmed (WB): 6%
3. American Dreams (NBC): 7%
2. Arrested Development (Fox): 9%
1. Veronica Mars (UPN): 56%

Yes, that’s right. Veronica Mars destroyed the competition. Why? I think most fans will say that great casting, interesting characters, great stories and superb wit are the key factors. With word on the street that the show has been renewed for a second season, I’m damned happy my new Tuesday night show will be back next fall.

If only Fox would get off their ass and start promiting Arrested Development better. Have you seen the ads they run on Global? If I had never seen the show before and the commercial was my only information source, I would never watch. I would cheer when it gets cancelled. But yet, after only one episode (this seasons’ premiere) I was hooked. It’s like if Family Guy was live action – cut scenes included! Probably the most insane sit-com ever put to air. I will definitely miss it when it goes kaput.


One Response to “Veronica Mars: Renewed!”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Is that Paris Hilton in there? *shudder*…

    I dunno. I haven’t seen any of the shows on that list, except for Enterprise. And that blew chunks. So.. if you say so, eh?

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