ACF aka Throw Shoes at the Stage Festival

ACF’s lineup this year was fabulous. Tupalo Honey were pretty tight and did a wicked cover of Audioslave’s “Show Me How to Live.” Stabilo showed off their chops and were probably the most layered act of the day. Metric showed up and cranked home their hits (while I didn’t really care for much else they did…) K-OS packed them all in though. His band was phenominal and he was just rocking. Tho, could people feel any more of a tool by answering “YO” to his “HEY” more than 4 times?

Then, what I had been waiting for all week. Matt Good meets limblifter. Damn, Pat was ON FIRE on the kit. During Weapon I swear I saw viens in his forhead. Ryan and Meegee fit perfect with Matt (and make him look pretty damn tall too!) The new take on Carmalina was wild and hearing Everything is Automatic and Giant was like a time warp. I’m curious if Ryan will bring back the Dave Genn-ish hooks of Underdogs to the new album. One can only hope.

Sadly, the whole affair was lameified by the 50 pairs of shoes thrown at the stage during the concert. Matt took it the hardest of all the performers and threatened to leave the stage. He kept playing, but it obviously wasn’t the planned set. The encore was reduced to two new songs (which were pretty cool) instead of what probably was a longer set with Apparitions on accoustic and maybe some more off the solo albums.

The alarming part was when a wrench was thrown at Ryan (barely missing) and a nine inch nail (aka metal tent nail… man, Trent choose the right name there…) almost contacted with a security guard. People are so retarded.


2 Responses to “ACF aka Throw Shoes at the Stage Festival”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Yeah.. retards aren’t fun. Drunken retards are less fun, unless they’re girls. Watching drunken guys is like.. meh.. hahah look at him. Wholly uninterestign.

    Anyhoo, I think I was slightly stoned last night from the 2nd-hand pot smoke. I was right in the middle of the mosh pit, but I managed not to fall down (amazingly). Stabilo rocked, IMO.

  2. MJ Says:

    Why couldnt they just throw panties like at a Tom Jones concert? They’re not as dangerous…

    I was a at a big punk rock show last summer and all these pierced teenie boppers were so well-behaved, such good vibe. Guess you cant tell who the ‘tards are just by stereotypes.

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