Howdy folks. Just FYI, the presale for the Vancouver Weezer show at the Commodore is already underway. I expect it to sell out very quickly as this will be an awesome show. Tix come out to $45ish after all the crappy service charges but that is still worth it for Weezer in my opinion. The presale password is “hills” just in case you need it. Regular public tickets go on sale Saturday morning.

The new Weezer album is surprisingly still “new.” As is, no one has leaked a copy to the net as far as I can see. If I’m wrong on this, please let me know! (Still anxious for the new NIN album too!)

Anyways, if you are gonna go to the Weezer show, let me know. I bought a single ticket cause I hate trying to find people to buy a ticket after the fact. Too much stress with so many people on tight budgets.

Sigh, Moby, Weezer, and I still haven’t bought my tix for Arts County Fair. This is going to be a crazy April.


4 Responses to “WEEZER!!!!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry Mike, this is going to sting!
    Weezer, where to begin? First of all I place Weezer in the same category as bands like Everclear and Creed. If you like either of these whiny,pansy, lame ass bands, then you will realize how highly I regard Weezer. Mike is one of my best friends and has great musical taste and also excellent musical abilities. I am all too saddened by the fact that on this note, his tastebuds were numb.

    -PENNYWISE(don’t even think of going there!)

  2. Mike Says:

    This coming from a man who enjoys Pennywise. Now, for the truly artistic person, songs should be a new and wonderful experience. Not so with Pennywise (or Everclear) as they seem to not only play the same riffs, but occasionally start songs with the same lyrics!

    A great example off 1999’s Straight Ahead album has Never Know starting with the lyrics…

    “With so much bullshit what can you believe”

    Followed by Badge of Pride which has the opening line…

    “All the bullshit that I see, so much I can’t believe”

    Now, sure I think he’s got a right to be pissed off, but can we at least be creatively pissed off?

    In defense of Weezer (I wont touch Everclear or Creed cause I’m not too big of a fan), they write some of the best hooks I’ve ever heard. Short, catchy rhythms that stick in your head long after the song is over are REALLY hard to write. They seem to have a never ending supply of them. I can’t wait to hear them live.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    OOOH weee OOOH I look just like Buddy Holly.

    enough said, pure creative crap.

  4. Pie Man Says:

    Hey man, don’t be hating on Weezer, like people did with that Wigger gang. Pennywise is alright I guess, if you’re in the right mood and all, and don’t want any creativity or too much thinking (kinda like a bad novel you love bbut nobody else likes).

    Weezer’s coolness is like.. cult cool. Buddy Holly is a cult thing. So’s In My Garage. Full of geeky, nerdy, cultish coolness. You know? Kinda like how people in the know like The Big Lebowski, but nobody else knows about it.

    And Weezer and I go back to the summer of 2002, when stuff had blew up, went down, and a big mess was had by me and the other party. I now call her the Weezer girl if I’m not calling her by name. I’ll post this story someday.

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