Meeting Matt Good

Meeting Matt Good shouldn’t be such a big deal. Yet, there is something special about shaking hands with someone whose work has been such a huge factor in your musical life for so long. I can’t remember much that we talked about, but one thing did stand out.

I started by telling Matt the story of the first time I saw him live. A group of us went to the XXX Modern Rock Circus at the Plaza of Nations. Being in high school… grade 9 I think… we had to get a ride to and from the show. Waiting for the ride to show up at the Terry Fox memorial, a group of thugs came by and decided to torment us. This then led to us being mugged; me specifically being taken into an ATM by 3 guys and told to get money out of it. Fun times.

Anyways, Matt couldn’t believe we got mugged. I’m sure if I ever run into him again I could just say, “Hey Matt, I’m the guy who got mugged” and he would remember me. Unless, other people have told the same story, then there could be some overlap. πŸ˜‰

Anyhoo, it was a great night. Oh yeah, the reason I met him was he was speaking at a rally on voter reform in Chinatown on Saturday. It was more of a town hall style meeting with lots of ideas put forth on why the system doesn’t work and what we can do to fix it. But I’ll be honest, it was more about meeting Matt Good.

Also, I managed to find out some hints about the setlist for Arts County Fair which is coming up on the 8th of April. Surprisingly, some old MGB songs will be played including Giant, Generation X-Wing and Apparitions. Should be an awesome set.


One Response to “Meeting Matt Good”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Too fricking lazy to login… but… I still think you look dazed. Anyhoo… damn it must suck to be mugged. 😦 Fricking thugs.

    And awesome… the guy’s playign stuff from MGB! Go MGB! Not that his new stuff sucks (I didn’t like Avalanche but I liked WLRRR), but … his old stuff is … polished? beter sounding> I don’t know. It does have a ring to it.

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