Daily Show Reports That Bush Has "huge balls"

Daily Show correspondent Ed Helms gave an excellent report last night on the nomination of Paul Wolfowitz to be the next president of the World Bank. Bush’s reasons for giving him the job were…

  1. “He’s a man of good experiences.”
  2. “He helped manage a large organization. The Pentagon’s a large organization. The World Bank is a large organization.”
  3. “He’s also committed to development.”

Helms’ report reminded everyone of Bush’s appointment of John Bolton to be the new US Ambassador to the UN last week even though he is on record as having no respect for the organization. Bush also nominated Alberto Gonzales as the new Attorney General even after he suggested that America would not have to follow the Geneva Convention. Summarizing, Helms stated that because of these things and the new appointment of Wolfowitz, “President Bush has huge balls.”

A rather detailed look at said balls were then conducted by using MRI scans that Helms somehow managed to acquire. We won’t discuss that here…

Anyhoo, I have never had much love for the World Bank. This is definitely not helping.


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