Super Bowl Sunday

Well, its 10:18 pm and I’m definately buzzed. It was a good day today as the turnout for my Super Bowl party was quite good. Had about 10 people at the peak time (near halftime) and some stragglers showed up as the game went on while others left. The game was very entertaining but I was rooting for the underdogs so I was sad the Eagles lost. But, they were playing sloppy at times and that’s when the turnovers came. Oh well.

The Simpsons episode following the game was one of the best episodes I have seen in a long time. This season is reafirming my faith in the series as the last 4 episodes have been hilarious. I think that they picked up some of the Futurama writers after that showed was pulled off the air. The wit and zaniness is in full form now and I’m sure they could turn in a great season this year.

American Dad followed and was okay at best. I did laugh out loud a great deal (especially at the Chenny joke!) but it was hardly sustained. It seemed like the gags were distanced by a large amount of filler that was trying to be funny but wasn’t. The good news is that the newer sequences that were done after the 5 minute preview was created were hilarious so there is a chance it could rise to the challenge of following the new Family Guy episodes.

Anyhoo, time for bed now. I think I’ll sleep in tomorow and ditch first class. Mmm sleep.



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