New System of a Down Album…s!

So I just found out over the wire that System of a Down will be releasing not one but TWO albums this year. There will be a six month gap between releases, most likely to make sure singles from both albums see the light of day on MTV/Much.

The albums are to be called Mesmerize and Hypnotize and should probably follow in the footsteps of Steal This Album which had a heavier political stance in terms of directness than Toxicity. I am eagerly awaiting this disc and rumor has it that the first half should drop in early spring.

Also on the music front, NIN will be releasing “With Teeth” sometime this year. It was supposed to drop this spring as well, but Trent has made some strange comments lately that make it sound like delays will occur. Sigh. Hasn’t it been 6 years now since The Fragile? Trent is either the world’s biggest perfectionist or the biggest procrastinator. I’m betting its the first one. The big news on the disc is that Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters did the drums for the album. Trent has stated that working with the legendary Nirvana drummer was “the most exhilarating experience of his life.” Let’s hope it translates to tape well!


One Response to “New System of a Down Album…s!”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    I just heard the new single, Cigaro. Sounds a lot like their first album. Less… umm.. ballad-y than Toxicity (less like the way Chop Suey or Aerrials or Toxicity sounded).

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