Heading to the polls… twice?

Yeah, good old provincial elections. The question this time will be how many seats will the NDP win back? Oh wait, no its not. The question is how many seats will the Liberals lose. You see, BC has this nasty habit of voting out rather than voting in. It makes one wonder if democracy is really what we have here since we never elect anyone. Just replace them.

Anyways, the news on the street is that pollsters for the Conservatives are asking some interesting questions… Here’s the gem that my Grandmother was asked…

If an election were called today, could we count on your support for Stephen Harper?

Sure, it could just be a quickie poll to find out support levels, but with a minority government this kind of question should set off alarm bells. Is Harper going to work with the NDP/Bloc to kill the Martin government? I wouldn’t put it past him. He is quite the little prick when you get into it. I don’t understand why people don’t see him for what he is… Bush Lite. Half the religious fanaticism, same old Reagan-esque economics. Well, maybe 1/4 less religious fanaticism. Of course, we could be dealing with Stockwell Day still … then it would be double…

So in the end, what is going on? I don’t know. But you may want to be ready to head to the polls more than once this year. Woot!


One Response to “Heading to the polls… twice?”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Another reason why BC sucks: Bad politicians. I mean, who really inspires, or “rocks” as a politician in BC? No one. They’re all talentless hacks that will eventually screw up majorly (SocCred –> NDP –> Liberals –> ???). In spite of this, I will still vote (guess who).

    The thing with the last BC election in 2001 was that the Greens got a lot of votes, but no Green MLA won. People who would have voted for NDP simply got fed up by the BDP for their failures. I realize that a lot of people also hated Gordo, and wouldn’t vote for him even if they were at swordpoint or something, and so, they voted Green. Hopefully, this time, either the Greens win some seats, or people go back to voting NDP.

    And as for federal elections, I don’t give a crap as to what the hell Harper does. I don’t listen to the guy. Martin is doing a fair job (as in, we’re not failing economically, nor are we being invaded).

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