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Pete recently commented on my “refusal to comment” on Canadian politics and sarcastically remarked how glad he was that we Canadians are there to watch over them. Well, jeez man. What else is there to watch up here? CBC? For shame.

Let’s be straight, I’m not here to preach that Canada is perfect. It’s not. My “refusal” to comment on it much is more out of boredom than anything else. I’m not included in much of the politics of Canada since it mainly takes place in Ottawa and they are quite reluctant to let us into the party. It’s hilarious that most of the west votes for the Conservatives for the simple reason that the Conservatives are based out in the west. Most probably are not aware of the POLICIES of the party and when one of the MPs leaked to the press that they would change the Charter of Rights and Freedoms to define marriage to be only between a man and a woman, a good number of them changed their votes back to the Liberals. Funny, it’s like the polar opposite of what happened in the states.

I have gone through my archives and realized that I didn’t mention Canadian politics once since I started posting. Now, I think I mentioned a fair amount on my old site, but our news cycle up here is so drastically intertwined with the states that it is nearly impossible to not be a) informed or b) involved with how decisions are made in the south. And since the US is now the sole superpower of the world, the entire world is watching what they do very closely. But is this not the essence of the democracy the states claim they are bringing? Should the world not be given some sort of voice in the affairs of this planet we share to inform the leader of grievances? If we are to leave the states atop its throne of power, maybe the often mocked “Global Test” Kerry mentioned should be more seriously discussed.

Of course, critics will quickly say that nations will still act in their own interests and veto anything that challenges it. To this, there is no answer. Unless everyone is willing to count themselves as equal and have no veto rights, there will never be a unified global power.

Anyways, I’m beyond rambling tonight. Sorry about that. I’ll leave this open ended for now, but I will try and accommodate “Pete” and slam Canada more often so he knows I’m not just picking on the states. Not like they deserve it mind you. *wink*


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  1. Pie Man Says:

    The long & short of it is that as Mike said, Canadian politics is amazingly boring. Don’t believe me? Watch Canadian CSPAN, even during Question Period (where our honourable MPs duke it out). American politics are WAY more interesting and laughed at. Here, our politicians are just a bunch of dumpy old people with a few doing stupid things (What’s that MP’s name?)

    And if you count the West as only being Alberta and BC, then yes, the Conservatives have a sizable vote. If you’re more traditional and include Manitoba and Saskatchewan, that’s NDP country.

    My rant on Canadian Political History:

    Guess where the NDP came from? Christian leftists from Saskatchewan.

    Conservatives? Real conservatives (From the traditional old-money British types) I don’t mind. Those guys are guys that held power in Canada before they joined with the Progressives. Those guys have brains and the temper to control (except for Dief the Chief; screw him for scrapping the Arrow! FROM ThE HEART OF KHAN I SPIT AT THEE!!). The modern Conservative party is optimus maximus suckage. These guys are like Bush: Apparently moral, side with the USA, and act like smart rednecks (HA! Our rednecks are smarter!). King Ralph I of Alberta comes to mind, and can be their archetype.

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