So… Ohio?

So it’s looking like another four years of the Bush administration. I thought I would quickly go through the pros and cons of this turnout…


  • Family Guy will be able to take shots at Bush while he is still president
  • The Daily Show with Jon Stewart will continue to be hilarious and full of highly relevant goofs and gaffes from the Commander in Chief
  • Freedom will continue to “march” in Iraq as US troops remain there
  • Osama bin Laden can rest easy as he still hasn’t become more than a “thug” again according to President Bush
  • The DNC can continue to bitch about fraud and the stolen 2000 election saying that 2004 never would have happened if Florida 2000 had gone our way


  • With control of the Senate and the House, the Republicans will be able to drill for oil in the arctic wildlife reserves for the “drop in the bucket” of oil that will run 1 SUV for a week
  • Dick Cheney will once again become President of the USA… uh… I mean VICE President… yeah… that’s it
  • The movie event of the summer in 2005, 9-11: Freedom Lives On, starring Rudy Giuliani, will now be put on the fast track with Karl Rove directing
  • Who do you run in 2008 for either party?

Let me say this name now. Barack Obama. I guarantee you will hear this guy speak in the next four years. He was elected into the Senate as a Democrat and this guy won with 70% of the vote in his state. Mind you he was running against Alan Keyes who was a midseason replacement so, yeah… But anyways, this guy is a lock for the Primaries in 2006/2007 (I’m not sure when they start…) but also, he is probably the best chance for being the first African American to be President of the United States. We can only hope…

Until then, hope you Americans like your rights trampled, your security lost, your money taken, your jobs lost and most importantly, like losing your ability to say, “We didn’t really elect him. He stole it.”

Well, at least for now. Let’s see what tomorrow brings.


3 Responses to “So… Ohio?”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    You DO know that because Bush won, the Left (whatever THAT is) can remain a single bloc, right? Whereas if Kerry won, people would just go home and say “whatever.”

  2. Pie Man Says:

    BTW As to who will run in 2008: GO HILARY! WWRATH OF THE ROTHSCHILDS! *dons a +12 Tinfoil Hat*
    and as for cheney, …. I dunno. I wonder what would have happened if McCain won back in 2000….

  3. Pete Says:

    weird canadians and their refusal to comment on the politics of their own country….glad you’re watching us so closely.

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