No more!

Well, midterms are almost over… yet there are still a few on the horizon… namely Thursday. Sigh. The last two days have been intense. I got back some of my midterms from the first bout and got mixed results. 85% in my Discrete Math course was a nice reward for hard work altho my latest battle with it will probably give a lesser value. My horrid 476 was BETTER than I thought… I got 50%. Yes, that’s right. I’m HAPPY about it. My 90+% club friends (which I am NOT a member mind you) got a little lower than I did for the most part… save Andy with the best of our bunch. (shakes fist)

The EE450 (economics) midterm went well but I spent way too much time studying for it than was necessary. It cut deep into my 320 time and I’ll be paying for that dearly. Hopefully I’ll master the 476 for the next midterm on Thursday and pull up that course.

Here’s hoping…

Until I get another chance to breathe…


One Response to “No more!”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Poor dude. Ah well.. midterms suck. I got 2 that I predict will hit the mid 70s, possibly low-80s. I got one back (I think I told you) that was 22.5/50-something.. so… less than 45%. Your bad marks can’t beat mine. They suck, I tell ya.

    OH! Mike, before I forget, Jer says hi from his house (in Vancouver), and isn’t gonna call anyone. I think he’s on a stealth mission or something.

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