This Alone

Could we be happy

If our enemy went away?

A new clean slate

But then just transfer our hate?

Like leaves on a tree

We fall out of favor

Unable to simply

Befriend our neighbor

A million eyes that never see the lies

A million voices will never sound again

This small world has never felt so big

Have you ever felt this alone?

Is being free

Merely a dream?

Impossible yet sought

While our souls are all bought

Traded and sold

Our lives revolve

Around a pile of gold

And yet we are so alone…

If this is the end of history

If this is the best we can do

Then I hope the end is coming

To wash away this bloody mess


One Response to “This Alone”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Yay! New song, new post!


    Good-sounding lyrics. Can’t wait to hear the song mang!

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