The Debate: Part One

Well, that was interesting. Not in an intellectual way mind you. It’s late and I’m tired so this will be pretty concise for now. Here are my thoughts on the debate…

  1. Well moderated. The PBS guy was great and the rules were clear and followed very well unlike our disaster of a debate during the federal election in Canada. The only problem was that the 30 second extensions were almost always prompted by Bush speaking out rather than the moderator choosing to extend the discussion.
  2. Bush was out of his league… again. He never lost his tight-lipped, hunched posture or his “everyone is gonna kill us” composure, but he did become speechless on a regular basis. Endless rhetoric on “mixed messages”, “hard work”, and “our duty” has no place in building arguments. These empty statements are signs of a lack of clear coherent thought and would be torn apart in even the most elementary political science essay when looked at by any Professor. No one cares that you “meet every morning with the head of the FBI.” You could be having a coffee and shooting the breeze for all we know. This kind of diversionary tactic is telling of how little thought has gone into Bush’s plan for dealing with Homeland Security.
  3. Kerry was well spoken and, unlike Bush, paced himself out almost flawlessly and even weaved in a few uppercuts into his rebuttals and statements. Classic gold was given when Kerry stated how Bush “outsourced the task of getting Osama” to Afgahn rebels. Priceless.
  4. My total disdain for Bush reached a new high when he discussed unprovoked his decision to not support the international criminal court. This institution is responsible for dealing with leaders who commit criminal acts and attempt to administer justice on them for what they did. Previous defendants in this court include such dictators as Pinnoche (Chile, 73-89?) and Milosovich. Bush’s reasoning was simply that he would not support any effort to prosecute American troops and leaders. I find it unbelievable that Bush is holding Saddam for trial in a way he says no American should be, even if they did what he did. Saddam’s soldiers, who were fighting for their country as brave soldiers following their leader (rather than flip-flop over whether they should or not) were told by Bush in the beginning of the war that “just following orders” is not an excuse and that they would be brought to justice for their “crimes.” Puzzling, the inconsistencies of Bush’s argument from this single segment are more telling about his own lack of cohesion over his own policies than anything Kerry has apparently done.
  5. With regards to Kerry’s “flip-flops” and “mixed messages” I can only say this. If someone came to you and said, “I have evidence that tomorrow it will rain” that if the evidence looked solid that you would agree. But if the next day it was sunny, you would question that intelligence and wonder if you should rethink your decision and how you made it. This is not flip-flopping. This is called learning from your mistakes. The mistake was trusting this administration that has done nothing but show contempt for any inquiries into finding out how the intelligence was faulty or how 9-11 occurred in the first place. The mistake on November 2nd (not the 11th, thanks Anonymous) will be to trust it again for four more years.


4 Responses to “The Debate: Part One”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    The mistake on November 11th will be to run out of poppies to sell in corner store. South of the border the mistake might be to spit on an old veteran’s shoe by accident, which would be unfortunate since it is Veterans Day after all. I think if you are going to post information for the public to see you’ll find you will get much more credibility if you get the small obvious facts right. People don’t really know what the outsourcing to help to get Osama actually entailed, but since Kerry was so consistent on almost every point then it seemed as if he was probably right on that point as well. I think you can learn something from his performance and apply that to your blog. So if you still haven’t figured out what I’m talking about, the election is on November 2nd, 2004, not the 11th. I guess I would expect this from a guy in computer engineering, just don’t join mechanical, electrical or any other engineering discipline where attention to detail is required. It’s the same as when you hand in an essay with poor spelling and grammer, if you make someone work to get the information then why would they bother. A little food for thought if you will.

  2. Mike Says:

    It’s spelled “grammar” and a semicolon would have been nice right after that. But then again, I bet it was just a mistake because you wrote this in a rush. Maybe, just maybe, you could have extended the same kindness and offered a simple by-the-way rather than a flame.

    I will definately admit I got the date wrong and thank you for helping me sort out the facts. Guess I’m too focused on passing out poppies… I really don’t care if you think I’m not “credible” any more as I’m not seeking to be one of those bloggers they bring on CNN so they can look hip. I just want to document what I saw. If you don’t want to read it, hit the “Next” button on the toolbar.

    I’m curious though. You state that “People don’t really know what the outsourcing to help to get Osama actually entailed.” What I’m confused about is why you don’t explain what you know about that situation since you obviously have a different opinion on it. But alas, starting a meaningful dialogue wasn’t your goal was it?

    And thanks for burning all the computer engineers out there. That was a nice touch.

    Stay classy Anonymous!

  3. Pie Man Says:

    Wow.. a truly heroic flame, worthy to be sung by the ancient bards of the British Isles (both Celtic and German), and Iceland/Scandinavia. Intense, moody, dripping with sarcasm and irony. Amazing in its narrow, yet seemingly wide scope, with an additional vague point about outsourcing to complete the majestic flame. A flame I have never seen before, and may never see again. Worthy of the best Insult-person of Ireland (forgot the Irish word)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Only pansies sign as anonymous…

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