First Listen: U2 – Vertigo

Yeah, I only have the single right now. But with a name like “How to Disarm an Atomic Bomb” how can you go wrong?

This single just screams rock to me. I’m right in the zone with the Edge blasting my eardrums with a straight up rock-riff straight from The Who playbook. The rhythm section is solid as always, and no one needs to state that Bono is still on top of his game.

Hello, hello (¡Hola!)

We’re at a place called Vertigo (¿Dónde está?)

Lights go down, and all I know

Is that you give me something

I can feel your love teaching me how

Your love is teaching me how

How to kneel, kneel

I can’t wait for the rest of the album.


2 Responses to “First Listen: U2 – Vertigo”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    A very cool song for sure. 80s-U2-ish (1970s?? WTF are you talking about, dude?? wasn’t October released in 1980-81? Wasn’t War released a few years after that?)

    Cool bass-line, cool guitars. I’m giddy. Giddy, gidddy, giddy to hear what else is gonna be on the album.

    I pretty much have all the pre-90s U2 albums except Boy. What’s the Rattle & Hum thing people complain about? It doesn’t exist AFAIK, and never will. Pshhh! Complaining about non-existent things. Just like how leftists believe Bush is evil, or how rightists say Flight 79 or something crashed in Pennsylvania…. *wink* Or how unicorns eat babies and kittens. Baby/kitten eaters. Ugh

  2. Mike Says:

    A song can sound like it’s from the 70’s even if the band was never around back then. Case and point… Jet. 😉 The delay effect in the pre-chorus could be described as 80’s but that fuzz-faced chorus is total Townshend… minus the pedophilia charges.

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