First Listen: Chevelle – This Kind of Thinking

*feedback* *rock riff* TOUCH! *madness*

Here starts the new cd from Chevelle. Fans of Wonder What’s Next will be completely at home on this record as they have not deviated much from their previous course. What you will find is deeper textures of guitar and more mature melodies. Personally, I felt a little bored by the midpoint of the album the first time through, but it has really grown on me lately. I find that it gets played in its entirety more often than most of my other favorites at the moment.

The first track, The Clincher, is my favorite by far. The riff is straight up and fierce and the chorus takes the grit and distortion and takes it to a new level of sonic soundscape. This is Chevelle at a peak in my opinion. I put this song on and I just get sucked in. So much so that I usually repeat it a few times over until I start to get sick of it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen and I force myself to move on so my play counts on the ipod don’t get all out of wack.

The other outstanding track on here is Panic Prone. I feel that it is a close sibling of The Red, but stays in a more mellon collie state of being. This would probably be the closest to a ballad as Chevelle will ever come I think. I hope that this song would be graced with being the third single after The Clincher being the second. But then again, they did choose Send the Pain Below last time for a second single… so…

I highly recommend this disc to anyone who likes the whole modern rock sound. You can’t go wrong with this one.


One Response to “First Listen: Chevelle – This Kind of Thinking”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Need to listen. I only heard the radio single so far. I’ll make a trip somewhere on Friday to listen.

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