Well, its 9am and I just got out of my first class. I have nothing until noon which is just completely retarded. It makes me feel even worse for sleeping through it since I can have a three hour nap after and not miss anything. Sigh.

Tonight is the Blindside concert at the Croatian Cultural Center. Should be a good show. They outplayed P.O.D. when they opened for them last summer so hopefully they will knock this one out of the park.

The Muse concert is coming up quickly. September 24th at the Commodore… Hopefully doors will open LONG before they did when we saw the Killers. We got there at 8pm but doors didn’t open until 9:50pm. I have been listening to all three of their albums (yes they have more than Absolution) The other two are called “The Origins of Symmetry” and “Showbiz.” Showbiz is my current favorite but I haven’t really check out Symmetry yet…


One Response to “Yawn”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Poor Mike. 8 AM course on a fricking Monday? Damn that’s gotta hurt man. You have my utmost sympathy. Hell, I can;t eeven stand a 9:30 class.

    *sigh* you brave engineers. 😛

    Brave = Crazy.

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