Bush Is ‘Unfit’ to Lead U.S., Kerry Charges

Click here to read about John Kerry’s first real hit back at the Bush campaign. For months, Bush and Co. have berated Kerry and tried to tarnish everything from his rethinking of policies such as the Iraq war to his service in Vietnam.

Leftists everywhere have been yelling for Kerry to just point out that someone who never went overseas at all should not be criticizing someone who did. Also, Dick Chenny, who had five defferments from Vietnam (“Owwww, my leg hurts, I can’t go. I’m a weak sad man… boo hoo”) has the gall to declare Kerry’s purple hearts as mere scratches. The people on the floor of the Republican Convention could be seen to be wearing Band-Aids with little purple hearts on them to further push this sick point. Staffers have leaked that this came from the top of the pile… most probably designed by Karl Rove, the same character assassin who engineered Bush’s smear campaign on Senator John McCain back in 2000. Same trick. Have people leak a lie about military service but then say you don’t approve of it. It’s like saying, “Purple Elephant” and then telling people to not think of a purple elephant. The brain can be easily tricked into tarnishing anything if you are clever enough.


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