Moving On

I don’t know what it is about old relationships, but they definitely seem to fester in the mind when one of the members starts a new one with someone else. I am all about cutting failed relationships off clean as I don’t see much reason to try and nurture something that will probably stay unhealthy anyways.

The picture in my mind is of a fruit tree. When it is young, a farmer/fruitgrower may graft on a new species of tree in hopes of making a specific type of fruit. I dunno exactly how this works, but apparently the mixing of the sap types makes a variant fruit. Well, I see failed relationships as grafts that just didn’t take. The extension is weak at the joint and the intermixing of sap is causing problems with the tree. The best way to fix the problem is to simply prune the dead weight.

Yet, this is impossible for humans since our emotions can not be so cleanly disposed of. Running into ex’s will always cause some sort of emotional response. Whether it be a reminiscent feeling of past joy, or a painful reminder of inadequacy, there is a feeling attached to that meeting… even if it is only in the mind.

I was talking to a few of my pals on this topic and discovered a few interesting tidbits. If your ex moves on to someone new before you, you will probably be pretty pissed off about it. If YOU got into a relationship first, you would wonder why your ex is all choked up about it and tell them to chill. If you pull a Chris, and date four girls after (and even during) a previous relationship, but never tell the ex about the new ones, everyone will still want you… badly. More proof to the claim that man-sluts get more girls. Of course, they wouldn’t be man-sluts otherwise…


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