First Listen: Jimmy Eat World – Futures

You can tell in less than 1 minute that J.E.W. has dug deep and delivered an edgier yet more polished follow up to their Bleed American album. Futures rocks in the purest form of the term. The ballads are more soaring, the emotions more barred, and the anthems demand you stand and raise a flag in response.

I have only listened to the album 4 times so far all the way through. It remains to be seen if it becomes overplayed to me in the same way Bleed was, but even so, the songs have a more refined quality to them that gives me the impression that I will want to come back to them again in time.

The CD opens with the guaranteed hit, Futures. Catchier and more riffy than Bleed American, this song has Top 40 radio written all over it. What I love about it is how the chorus doesn’t just go balls to the wall rock as many do these days, instead, songwritting skills were shown and it gets more powerful by rising above the rock… and its an awesome view from up there.

The next track, Just Tonight…, has a chorus that brings to mind Pearl Jam’s Jeremy. The “whoo whoo whoo whoo” in the background is all that is really similar, but for some reason that’s the song that comes to mind. Definately a higher tempo on this one mind you.

The CD then veers from edgy rock to poppier songs that call to mind their 50/60’s rockers from Bleed, yet these are hardly as “pop”ish… They have alot more edge but are still Z friendly. I think it’s a good mix.

In the end, I give this album a solid recommendation. Definately worth a listen.


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