Why Kerry Won’t Make A Difference

It is the hope of all Democrats in America that GWB will get voted out of office and John Kerry will become the next President of the United States. Sure, this is probably a good thing. Well, no, it IS a good thing. The world does not need another four years of policy directed by close-minded right wing ideology. But will Kerry be able to bring the “war on terror” to a halt without looking like a coward?

Think about it. Kerry gets elected. Military brass say, “We need to deal with Iran now. Let’s bomb them.” Kerry asks, “Why?” MB says, “Cuase they are bad. We are good. Do it now.” Kerry, “No. That’s stupid. We should try to use diplomacy first and war as a last resort.” MB, “Pansy.” That night CNN and FOX will both air “Terror Alerts” on how Iran is a threat and that Kerry is ignoring it.

Once this happens, you can bet that every republican pundit will be out in force demanding that Kerry start “acting like a president.” Actual news will be overlooked and Iran will become the next “big threat.” Then comes the true test of Kerry’s character. If he is like most democrats, he will cave and bomb the hell out of Iran. (ie: Clinton bombing Sudan and Yugoslavia… woot)

But on the other hand, he could rise up against the powers that be and say no to the plan. Then two things could happen. 1) Four years comes around and he’s gone and we are back where we started. 2) The Military Brass goes JFK on him.

It should be apparent that the only way to effect change in the system is not through a simple replacement of leader, but through complete regime change. šŸ˜‰ Here’s a good list on how to do that…

  1. Remove FOX news from the airwaves
  2. Require equal time for representatives of both parties on national news
  3. Extend debate past political party lines. (ie: invite fringe parties and independants into debates)
  4. Educate the public with facts instead of simple editorial commentaries.

Will this work? Probably not. Meh. Worth a shot…


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