Blog Envy

I got a post from Dave from the UK. I went to his blog and dag nabit, he’s got COOLER TOYS on his site! I have now entered the 2nd phase of blog-fanboy living… blog envy. Everyone else’s blog is cooler than mine. I also am feeling shame for using Blogger since it is apparently a noob-only blogging tool. Sigh. It’s like I was born on a Mac and thought it was great while others were being raised on PCs… (should get some good flames on that post!)

Anyhoo, if anyone knows of better blog-hosting or upgrades/tricks to bring this blog up to speed… please let me know!

ps- Dave, cool blog. I’d add a link to it on here but I don’t know how! Email me and let me know how you did that… please… I need to be more uber-nerdish.


One Response to “Blog Envy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Er, I use livejournal. *shrug*

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