UBC = The Devil

So I decided that I should figure out how much I need to pay UBC for my first term of education this fall. I almost choked when I saw the tally. $3089 for ONE TERM with FIVE COURSES! Gah. My total for the year will be nearly $6000 and that doesn’t include textbooks. :-\ Fortunately, it DOES include transportation thanks to the wonderful U-Pass.

Also on the good side, my scholarship from the Legion is going to be uber handy as without it I would be nearly flat broke after paying tuition. With the extra cash in hand, I should be able to live comfortably until next summer. At that point, I will be trying to crawl back into Intrinsyc for another work term to get enough money to cover my final term of school… which will probably cost $6000 on its own if the Liberals don’t stop this tuition spike.

Sigh. Priority one is never to fail a course again! $425 per course is a good incentive.


2 Responses to “UBC = The Devil”

  1. Pie Man Says:

    Yes… $425 for 3 credits (most courses here are 3-credit courses) blows ass.

    Fortunately, I don’t take 5 courses per semester. I take 3. Go slower you losers! gah, you guys are weird. And me loves teh U-Pass too.

    Dude: Find the books at the library/(ies) and photocopy them at Kinko’s/Staples. Buy a good binder. Save hundreds. And you suck for havign a scholarship that pays soem tuition costs. I want one.

  2. Dave Says:

    Hey, I was just doing that thing you can do on Blogger where you hop from blog to blog, and I ended up here.

    Thought you might enjoy my blog. (Click below)

    I’m a fellow Vancouverite, btw, but living in England.

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