My Current Playlist…

I just threw my iTunes into random and picked out a few songs you may never have heard that I think you should. Download/preview/beg for a mix disc… whatever it takes. These songs are wicked. (title/artist/style)

  1. In the Waiting Line – Zero 7 (chilled space pop)
  2. La Mer – Nine Inch Nails (instrumental jazz)
  3. Teotihuacan – Noel Gallagher (trip/hop space pop)
  4. Shine – Imogen Heap (trip hop)
  5. Lightness – Death Cab for Cutie (shoegazer pop)

Why not post your current five song playlist?


3 Responses to “My Current Playlist…”

  1. Laura Says:

    1. All that she wrote – Default
    2. Out of my way – Seether
    3. Floyd the barber – Nirvana
    4. Slam dunk (da funk) – Five
    5. our lives – The Calling

    These are more like “songs stuck in my head”. Lots of driving this weekend, lots of eclectic tunes.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    1. Bubbles – Bidibodi Bidibu
    2. Celia Cruz – La Negre Tiene Tumbao
    3. Matthew Barber – We’re Gonna Play
    4. Wil – Spitfire
    5. Lustra – Scotty Doesn’t Know

    I tried to find songs in my playlist you might not have heard of. Couple songs from movies… I’m sure if you’ve seen the movies, you’ll know which two right away once you hear them. 😉

    -Vince (i refuse to get an actual account)

  3. Pie Man Says:

    I don’t have a playlist. When is the next iPod mini coming out? I want one.

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