Just when you thought Creed was dead…

Sure, Alter Bridge is hardly news now (little slow to the party on this one) but the point remains. We all jumped for joy the day Creed called it quits. There were parties everywhere and even Jen Hollit (muchMusic’s most evil VJ) made fun of it by asking members of Default where they were when they heard the news. (Chuckle…)

But our safety is again in jeopardy and the Music Threat Level has been elevated back to Orange. Why? Cause the founding members of Creed minus Scott Stapp on vocals has been rebranded as Alter Bridge. Using genetic engineering, they were able to create a new lead vocalist with a strangely familiar voice. Hmmm… Didn’t they just legalize cloning in the UK?

Well, surprisingly, AB doesn’t suck as hard as I hoped it would. Actually, I find myself impressed with Mark’s guitar work and the sound seems to be rougher than their previous endevours. Sure, it’s all about the money for these guys, but if they get paid for making decent tunes, I have less of a problem with it.

But in the end, formulas become old and overdone, and this one has been done MANY times over. I just find it ironic when bands copy themselves to the level that Alter Bridge just has.


One Response to “Just when you thought Creed was dead…”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Ugh. Creed Junior. You only THINK they don’t suck as hard as Creed. I might even admit to liking a song or two of Creed’s at first, but then grew to dislike them. I think this’ll happen with Alter Bridge too. They’re too much the same.
    I hope this band disappears soon.

    And you spelled everything correctly. *thumbs up* Except endeavours.
    *runs away*

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