Why I hate the church sometimes…

Click here. See how christianity has gotten such a bad rep. I don’t see any effort on their part to “love the sinner” at all.

What would Jesus do?


3 Responses to “Why I hate the church sometimes…”

  1. Henk Verhoeven Says:

    What would Jesus do?

    Unfortuanatly the only thing God, Jesus and those representing them did so far is to destroy the hope of mankind.

    I think there need to be some house cleaning, shake the church and its “profits” (the kinds that care only for wealth, fame and a big church) until nothing stands and start all over ….again.

    Sometimes the plates jsut have to fall where it may. God apparently cannot break or at least so I think.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    here’s something i got over @ the internet …


  3. Laura Says:

    Everywhere there is “organized” religion, you will find fanatics – that’s a given. When large numbers of people gather with one particular focus in mind, they tend to get overzealous. Take for example the stanley cup riots in vancouver in ’94. So many vancouverites were devastated when they lost. They all lashed out, feeding off each other’s rage in an escalating fashion. The same is true in the case of many churches. There seems to be competition in churches to be the most pious, the most religious, and often that breeds ignorant and judgmental people. Other times, it’s pure mental defect which uses religion as an excuse for its psychotic behaviour. Personally, I don’t see that the benefits of organized religion outweigh the harm it does. There is nothing wrong with having faith in something to even a high degree; religion goes bad when people go bad. That seems to be what happened in this case. My advice to buddy from that website: seek professional help.

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