Wimpsters, and the threat they pose to society

Beware! Wimpsters are everywhere and could lure in unsuspecting women into truly caring relationships involving, *gasp* NICE GUYS!

I recently read an article posted on MSN.com (ph33r the corporate powers!) from the Washington Post (the source of truth in America) about a new strain of male known as “Wimpsters.” Following the proto-types of Moby, John Cusack, and Ethan Hawke, these sensitive males apparently are using the ploy of wearing their heart on their sleeve to lure women in. Once they have trapped their prey they suddenly become the evil slimey creeps all men must be.

Strange, I thought women were always complaining how no guys are nice. Funny how nice guys have now been all branded as manipulative creeps. Guess we should all give up and just start slapping girls butts and telling them to make us sandwiches. Seems like those guys are never without companions.


3 Responses to “Wimpsters, and the threat they pose to society”

  1. Laura Says:

    A lot of girls that I know, would have mixed feelings about these so-called “wimpsters”. We are hopelessly attracted to someone who would worship the ground we walk on. If this guy suddenly turns out to be a slimeball, reactions would differ. I’ve seen it happen with one friend, who ended up staying with a horrible boyfriend just because he was nice to her “a lot of the time”. If it happened to me, where one day he went ‘Mr. Hyde’ on me, i would probably give him one chance before i string him up by his man-bits. But that’s just me.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    So… is there a fine line between spinelessness and assery? or should just say ‘screw it’ and act like the asses we’re meant to be? I’m not defending the spineless hordes out there, but when do we draw the line between the two things?

    and are girls completely sane 100% of the time?

    I dunno what the hell I’m saying. I’m crazy.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    well speaking as one who fell for the so called “nice guy” only to discover he was a slime ball, here is my 2 cents. some girls have poor self-esteem, take that for what it is. i never had guys pay any attention to me and suddenly one does, whoa it blows you out of the water into the mind-set of this is the only guy for me.

    so continuing on, this nice guy turns into a slime ball and assults me. what do i do…. i stay. why!!!??? because i’m human. i make mistakes. this whole issue could be over yet i believe i do not deserve better. finally he is finished with me and leaves. i grieve, its pathetic, i know it is, but i truly believe no other man could love me. if he did and then turns and treats me like garbage then why should anyother man not do the same.

    after long soul searching and finally LISTENING TO GOD!!!

    (ladies, you must listen to this warning. if you are dating someone who you can’t see marrying, don’t say God told you to break it off. that is an unfair and hurtful thing. its not that he told you, its that you know in your heart you aren’t meant to be. thats it, no more. God gave you the tools to discover the person you should be with, when you use them, you finally discover that person and how the ONES you thought were the ones for you really weren’t. i’m really tired hearing people use that as an excuse. Love is an amazing thing when you are ready. did you ever thing that was a reason??? you aren’t ready? my first relationship was a disaster because i wasn’t ready, God gave me those nudges but i chose not to listen. when i say nudges, i mean i was ill on every date, not oh i feel called another way. God is louder than you think. thats when you truly know its him!!!! just take that to heart ladies)

    so going back, i fell for the nice guy, the real one. the one who respected me, and my mistakes. the one who loved God’s way and wanted to live that with me. to get a nice guy you need to respect yourself. and i want to thank the guys out there who finish last with girls, but you finish the best!!!!!!!! you are the real winners, because you don’t lower yourself to a cheesey level. and those girls that go for that, well, its all about self-esteem.

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