Review: Alien Vs. Predator


Better than Alien Resurrection and Predator 2, but much worse than Alien, Aliens or Predator. Alien3, well, I’m still undecided on where it fits in with the others… But this movie creates as many plot holes as the opening five minutes of Alien3 so I would probably say I liked AVP more just on a logical scale… ?

Crappy dialogue (“This is starting to make sense…” yes… it is… it’s starting to feel like crap)

Crappy script (“I have 2 kids… hope I don’t die…” dies.)

Crappy acting (I am a tough female action hero… but good luck remembering anything special about my chracter a month from now)

Crappy action (Predator kills alien. Alien kills predator. Human watches and says, “Damn, I better use an Alien head (???acid???) as a shield and it’s tail as a spear and hope for an airlock to kill the queen… ooooooo! Maybe that big water tower DOES have a use!)


I could go on, but I have more important things to do… like nothing. This movie could have been so much better in the hands of a GOOD filmmaker ie: James Cameron or Riddley Scott. There actually was a rumour that the two of them would be interested in making this film if it were to contain no humans and no dialogue at all. Just Aliens and Predators. I’m sure that film would have been, at the absolute worst, much more intelligent than this one.


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